I decided I should make a post about everything because I’m tired of anwering twitter and tumblr questions.

First an explanation of everything. 

Let me just start off my saying that this has been going on since Sunday, when that fake picture of Louis and Harry in the hall was posted. I made a post about my thoughts and then someone reblogged it and tagged it. Here is the original post. I have no idea how or why one of my posts got into the Larry tag, and frankly I could careless right now. Oh, and I’m not denying that I didn’t tag any of my other posts after that, because I did. Well apparently someone thought that my post was offensive so they decided to send me some message like “Larry is real” blah blah blah. Anyways, I got a couple more messages like that and they really didn’t bother me because I didn’t have a problem with Larry/Larry shippers so I didn’t care. The thing that got to me was when someone sent me a message telling me to kill myself. To me that is one thing I don’t think ANYONE should ever be told. You don’t know who is going to take things like that seriously. My friends were also making posts, so they got some hate as well. So for all of you asking why I was so pissed in the video, this is why. I was pissed for getting message and death threats because of a post that was voicing my opinion, that someone reblogged and tagged. 

Ok now onto last night. I continued to get hate all of Monday. It was just a message here or there, not anything drastic, but then the rude messages started again. I was, again, being told to kill myself, that I didn’t deserve to be in the fanbase, that people were going to throw me off bridges, and whatever they could think of. In the midst of my annoyance with all my messages, me and Chelsea figured we would make a video to talk about why we don’t like Larry and everything else. Trust me when I say that we weren’t looking for attention or a reaction. We did it because we wanted to voice our opinions. So we sat down, made the video, and posted it youtube, tumblr, and twitter.

Now the comments/questions everyone is asking me. 

Why did you make the video in the first place? - We made the video to state our opinions in some other way than a text post on tumblr.

Were you both looking for attention? - I’m pretty sure that if our original intent was to create chaos and draw attention to ourselves, then I would have cared more about what I looked like and the video would have been better in general.

Everyone has a right to their own opinions, but you don’t respect ours. - I actually do respect your opinions. I just don’t care for the opinions of those who don’t respect mine. I don’t care if you ship Larry, just don’t come at me with death threats because I don’t. That’s what started this whole thing. You ship Larry? That’s great. 

Don’t call us immature, when you made this video. - Ok, just stop. I know we made a video about our opinions and it got a little drastic, but that has nothing to do with my maturity level. Am I the one sending death threats? No. 

Why do you hate Larry so much? - I don’t hate Larry in general, I hate the ‘romantic’ side of Larry. How could I hate a bromance that reminds me so much of my friendship with my best friend?

What would you do if they came out and said they were actually dating? - If they came out and announced that they were together, I would have no problem with that. Who am I to judge? I love them before they came out, so why wouldn’t I love them after? I would support them like the true One Direction fan I am.

You must be new to this fanbase, and that’s why you hate Larry. -  Actually I’ve been a fan of them since they were on X Factor, but nice try thought. 

You were invading our tag, how would you feel if someone did that to a tag you track? - I understand I was posting in your tag, but I was trying to prove a point about how I don’t hate Larry/Larry shippers. And people do invade tags I track, I just choose to ignore/block them.

Are you doing this because you ship Elounor? - I don’t even ship Elounor, so no. 

You’re homophobic. - Yeah, except I’m not.

Why do you hate Harry? - For the last time, I don’t hate Harry. If you ever see me say that I do, don’t take it to realistically. the only reason I hate Harry is because he’s so perfect and adorable and idk I just have so many sexualf frustrations towards him. Now, my friend Chelsea has another opinion on Harry, so I suggest you go ask her about that.

You’re the new Sydney Dalton. - I don’t see how I can be the new Sydney, when first of all she hasn’t gone anywhere to need a second one, and also because we weren’t trying to be like her at all. And I have no idea why some people think this is offensive when I actually ike and have a lot of respect for her. So again, nice try. 

You look like you’re 30. - No I don’t so stop saying that ughhh

Why did you feel the need to burn the picture though?  - Ok. This is the question I’m getting the most. Let me just say that I had not planned on burning a picture of them. I had a magazine and a lighter on my bedside table, so I just grabbed them. It was a spur of the moment decision. To be completely honest, I don’t think I could ever burn another picture of the boys. I will be the first to say that maybe it was a little drastic, but I don’t regret it. I don’t regret anything I have said or done, and I will no apologize for my actions. 

How would you like it if someone burned a picture of you? -  They already have, and someone was nice enough to send me the link to it. To be honest I wasn’t phased by it at all. I even reblogged it and put it in my /tagged/me section so yeah. 

I hope this answers all the questions y’all are repeatably sending me. I know there are those people that are going to take this, digest it, and throw it back in my face, but I could careless anymore. I wrote this for those people that wanted answers and not to bitch at me more. So there.  

Anymore questions can me sent to me OFF ANON and I will gladly answer them. 

Again, I don’t apologize for our video, because I don’t regret it. 

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